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Innovative strategic alignment. Made simple.

Run virtual strategy and innovation workshops with a simple and powerful tool.  Select one of our many workshop types, and get collective clarity faster.


Running Virtual Workshops for over a decade

We began with innovation software tools to help global student teams innovate for corporate clients in open innovation programs.  Over the years our software has expanded into a versatile tool used by corporations, SMEs, student competitions, and boards of directors to help them innovate and reach strategic alignment faster.


Why Strategia?

We have a lot of experience helping companies and organizations run innovation and strategy workshops to define their next growth or impact areas.

Proven methodologies

After running hundreds of workshops with a large variety of companies and organizations, from small to large, we have mastered the art of knowing just what combination of management and innovation tools to use to get an agreement as efficiently as possible.

Experienced Facilitators

Our Strategia facilitators have facilitated hundreds of workshops across the globe, and know how to lead diverse (and sometimes difficult) teams to a consensus efficiently and effectively.

Proven technology

Our software has been used by hundreds of teams to go through structured processes.  We have continually improved the user experience to create a software experience that is simple and powerful at the same time.

Built for virtual

Combining videoconferencing technologies like Zoom, with features like Breakout rooms, and proprietary collaborative software built around workshop exercises, we have found that Strategia workshops are just as effective as physical workshops to get teams to where they wan to go.


Methodology + Technology

Our collaborative technology brings the best in workshop facilitation, management consulting, innovation consulting and scalable technology to help teams systematically reach decisions. We have a large selection of workshops to chose from that we have run with clients.


Happy Customers

Some of our satisfied clients using Strategia facilitated workshops in the past few months



“Using this methodology, in a short time our team was able to identify critical issues we needed to work on to respond effectively to the scenarios we were facing.  The workshop was months ago, yet we are still getting value from it.  In terms of the ratio of “value gained in relation to money invested,” this is possibly one of the best investments we have made in recent years.” 

—  Andrés Botran, Chairman of the Board of Compañía Agrícola Industrial Santa Ana

How does Strategia Work?

Get clarity on our process.

1. Sign up for a Q&A Session

Find the best match for your specific challenge

We recommend signing up for a Q&A Session to understand our solution and to see how it works.  We can also walk you through a demo of the process you are interested in to see if it meets your needs.

2. Book a Workshop

Set the date for your workshop and pay for it

Find a date that works for your team or board and is available on our booking system.  Then pay for the workshop with a credit card.

3. Prepare for the Workshop

Enroll the participants in the workshop and do the prep work.

Send us a list of participants so that we can enroll them in the workshop.  Have each participant watch the ground rules video and do any prep work necessary for your particular workshop.


Our workshops

Select from the workshops we offer.



Reach a consensus with your  board of directors or executive team on where you should focus your energy.

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Define your company's or business area's  innovation strategy, tying it into the corporate strategy.

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Help your team think outside the box around any challenge you have.

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Help your team find new growth or impact opportunities when the current business isn't working.



Help your team find new growth or impact opportunities in preparation for the future.

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Rethink your business around a crisis to find new growth opportunities

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Analyze the complex situation your organization is facing and rethink your growth strategy

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Tackle complex issues and emerge with clarity on where to focus.

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Get alignment around your investment thesis, whether your are a fund or a corporate venturing function.

Want to get to know us better before making a decision? Book a Q&A Session

If you want more information before booking a workshop, sign up for a free Q&A session to go over your questions and options.

Our Partners

We are privileged to work with great global partners.

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Systemic Innovation

Hapi, in an effort to solve systemic problems, has used Strategia software to run strategic alignment workshops with companies, industry associations, public-private efforts, and non-profits.


IXL Center

High Performance Innovation

IXL Center, in an effort to provide innovation solutions at scale, is the methodology and technology partner behind Strategia, with over a decade of lessons learned around running software-enabled workshops.


Global Innovation Management Institute

Empowering Innovation Professionals

The Global Innovation Management Institute, in an effort to provide global standards and frameworks around innovation, provides many of the tools behind Strategia.



Building Bridges to Opportunities

IDC, in an effort to structure high-impact initiatives that can improve quality of life, has invested in Strategia as part of its investment in Hapi.