Business Growth New Year's Special

Want to grow in 2021 but not sure what your best path forward is?  Start the New Year with a new growth strategy based on innovative business concepts that are easy to implement and high impact.

Image by Kristian Løvstad

Business Opportunities

Identify business opportunities that are close to your core business and can generate impact on your growth.  Work with your team to get better ideas.


Business Concepts

Connect the dots to form unique business concepts that can pivot your business in new directions.  



Out of all your business growth options, select the ones that will have most impact and are more feasible to implement.


Bring the Team together to Think outside the Box

This 2.5-hour process runs on our collaborative software platform, allowing multiple participants to contribute in parallel.  This workshop will be facilitated by Ben Sywulka, an experienced Strategia facilitator, to guide the team through thinking outside the box and to find better solutions for growing your business.

New Year's Special

This workshop normally costs $2,000.    Reserve a spot before the end of 2020 and get a 50% discount!


Original price: $2,000

New Year's Special Price: 

$1,000 (50% off)

You must reserve before Dec 31, 2020!

If you are not satisfied with the results of your workshop, we will give you a refund.

Follow the Ground Rules

Before starting the workshop, each participant should watch the 9 min  "Ground Rules" video.  This will make a big difference in the effectiveness of the workshop.