Business Opportunity 

Help your team find new growth or impact opportunities in preparation for the future. 


The Business Opportunity Workshop is a 5-hour workshop where teams come up with innovative business concepts to generate impact or growth.


It includes the following modules:

  • Our Growth Challenge

  • Trends affecting our Industry

  • Business Opportunity Map

  • Business Concepts

  • Business Concept Priortization

To ensure quality outcomes, the workshop will be facilitated by an experienced Strategia facilitator. Once you purchase the workshop, schedule the 30 min prep call with the Stategia facilitator, to define workshop objectives, participants and decide if you would like to split the workshop into two shorter sessions to be more effective. If you would like to discuss your options before purchasing, please schedule a Q&A Session.

Investment: $4,000

Before starting the workshop, each participant should watch the 9 min  "Ground Rules" video.  This will make a big difference in the effectiveness of the workshop.