Ground Rules for a
Successful Workshop

Watch our 9-minute  "Ground Rules" video before your Strategia Workshop to have a successful workshop.

Image by Aron Visuals

Running a successful workshop isn't hard—with the help of an experienced facilitator, good collaboration tools, and participants that are engaged and focused, our workshops always generate great results.


One critical part of our success, though, is our Strategia Workshop Ground Rules.  If your participants don't have the right attitude, don't use the right language, or don't approach others with the right mindset, the workshop can easily become a debate between several egos, instead of a team moving forward together towards the future.

It is critical that workshop participants understand the following ground rules:

  • Understand the nature of your problem.  In all likelihood, your challenge is a divergent challenge—which means there is no one right solution for it—there are many valid ways to tackle the problem.

  • Use the right language.  Right-size the contributions of each participant—using humble language that enables co-creation.

  • Use the right hat in the right moment.  Be creative and optimistic when it's time to be creative and optimistic.  But then be analytical and cautious when it's time to be analytical and cautious.  But don't mix these moments.

Have every participant watch the 9-minute "Ground Rules for a Successful Workshop" before you start your Strategia Workshop!